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Long Term Investing during Inflation

Investing for the long term requires careful planning, discipline, and a clear vision of what you aim to achieve.  What’s New? In the midst of evolving economic dynamics, we’ve maintained a cautious approach to both bond acquisitions and similar fixed interest assets (lik e real estate ventures). This strategic stance is rooted in the prevailing low …

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Incredibly Useful Websites you Should Know

In the era preceding the rise of AI, the internet functioned as a gateway, granting access to distinct websites and applications that businesses strategically leveraged to amplify their operational efficiency. These digital platforms served as catalysts for heightened productivity, enabling companies to streamline processes and achieve optimal outcomes.

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Beyond Profits: The ESG Revolution and the Impact of Research

Socially responsible investors are embracing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors for smarter investment choices. Research is the key that can open the doors to this powerful realm, offering insights that elevate investment decisions and enhance long-term financial success. We explore innovative ways research can be the game-changer for these investors:

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How the Legacy of Colonial Investments Impacts Our Future

What’s new? What we invest in now will affect the world our children inherit. The concept of intertemporality – that our actions today will impact the future, is well understood. But are we willing to acknowledge that the investments made in the not too distant past impacted the market structures and how we allocate resources …

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