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We're Little Square Capital. We Help Entrepreneurs and Investors Build Their Dreams.

When Kalinka Andjelopolj and Johan Rode started the firm in 2020, they shared two goals: look for ways to help companies generate long term outperformance and actively minimise the conflicts of interest that can create misalignment between service providers and shareholders.

Our only priority is to transparently advise our clients’ in their best interests, through our robust due diligence, and the application of time tested investment and financial planning techniques. We are committed to serve our clients in a way that is unique in the industry today.

Gondola's floating under the Bridge of Sighs, Venice

I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs,
A palace and a prison on each hand:

- George Gordon Noel Byron - Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1812)

The equality of every individual holds a sacred place in our beliefs. It is a principle that must be upheld and protected. Injustice, in contrast, poses a grave threat to our collective faith in a promising future.

The belief in a just society motivates us to work towards positive change and seek solutions to rectify societal imbalances. Without a firm commitment to justice, our optimism and aspirations for a brighter future wane, and we risk being trapped in a cycle of inequity.

Upholding our values, even in the face of disagreement or opposition, is vital for maintaining integrity and fostering a society that champions equality and justice. 

Far too often, in our quest for harmony and agreeableness, we may find ourselves succumbing to the will of the majority, disregarding reason and substantive debate.

By providing a platform for open-minded discussions and thoughtful debates, we seek to cultivate a culture and a society that values diverse perspectives and seeks the most equitable and just solutions.

Striking a balance between meeting our material needs and upholding moral values is a challenge we must face.

Balancing our relationships with our commitment to fairness and justice is a delicate task, but it is crucial to maintain our principles and advocate for what we believe to be right.

Topics We Approach Here


Navigating the World of Financial Opportunities and Growth.


Paving the Way for Responsible Investing and a Just Future.

Investor Thought Leadership

Investors Driving Reform Through Expertise and Strategic Insights.

Business Thought Leadership

Leaders Shaping the Future of Business with Innovative Ideas and Perspectives.

Other Segments


In-depth Examination and Evaluation of Financial and Investment Dynamics.


Valuable Perspectives and Actionable Knowledge for Informed Decision-making.


Strategic and Financial Success Solutions Unlocked by Experts.


Resources and Tools and Links to Events and Services hosted by Little Square Capital

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